Casing pipes


The stainless steel pipes and filters are manufactured with longitudinal weldings made in full penetration with the PLASMA (PAW) process, while the circular weldings are produced with an automatic MIG process with a minimum penetration of 90% of the thickness.
The welding procedures indicated have been drawn up and tested to minimize the deterioration of the alloy steels to avoid the formation of intergranular corrosion phenomena and keep the mechanical characteristics of the base material as unaltered as possible.
All welding processes, carbon steel and stainless steel, are done in compliance with the Welding Procedure Qualification RecordĀ  WPQR performed by qualified personnel and certified by TUV Italia.
UNI EN ISO 14732:2013 UNI EN ISO 9606:2013

Junction of the bars

Basic material:

Carbon steel
UNI EN 10025-2:

Stainless steel UNI EN 10088-1:
EN 1.4016 AISI430 (ferritico)
EN 1.4301 AISI304
EN 1.4307 AISI304 L
EN 1.4401 AISI316
EN 1.4404 AISI316L
EN 1.4571 AISI316Ti

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  • Commercial in standard diameters and thicknesses according to EN 10224
  • Products obtained from calendered sheet metal in thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 12mm.
GTSCasing pipes