HDPE Piezometers

PE100 high-density polyethylene piezometers are suitable for use in contaminated soils where the material should be able to resist corrosion (e.g. brackish water) and the action of pollutants (e.g. hydrocarbons, chlorides, fluorides).
The junction between the bars is made by M/F threading obtained in the tube thickness.

DNPN 10 SDR 17 sp (mm) th (mm)PN 16 SDR 11 sp (mm) th (mm)PN 25 SDR 7,4 sp (mm) th (mm)PN 10 Ø (mm)PN 16 Ø (mm)PN 25 Ø (mm)PN 10 weight (Kg/m)PN 16 weight (Kg/m)PN 25 weight (Kg/m)

The series of thicknesses envisaged by the reference standard allow for the pipes to be sized according to the loads to which they are subjected (EN 12201-2: 2013).
The cracking lights (slots) available from 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm can be customised to satisfy the client’s specific request.

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Tube and filter systems indicated for: groundwater measurements, environmental monitoring, contaminated site surveys and aquifer mapping.

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