G.T.S. is a company with a certified Quality Management System from Bureau Veritas Italia SpA in compliance with the UNI EN standard ISO 9001: 2015.

This certificate is recognition of our skills and ability to consistently provide products and services in line with customer expectations and is important confirmation of our commitment to continuously improving our organisation.

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The following documents certifying the quality of the materials used can be provided at the request of the client, but this should be specified before placing the order:

– 3.1 certificates of raw materials (metal products)

– declaration of suitability of materials for specific uses (e.g. contact with drinking water)




The main performance data for G.T.S. products is stated on the Technical Data Sheets.

At the ordering stage, controls and testing at external laboratories can be agreed upon with the customer to ascertain product conformity with additional performance requirements compared to those already mentioned in the product Technical Data Sheets.



Please contact us for information on certificates, technical data sheets and compliance declarations that can be issued for products


G.T.S. has been certified by Tüv Italia Srl in line with EN ISO 15614-1 for the following welding processes:

  • PAW plasma (linear welding with full penetration of stainless steel pipes)
  • MIG/MAG automatic and manual
  • TIG

For weldings, G.T.S. employs qualified personnel from Tüv Italia Srl in compliance with EN ISO 9606-1 standard as well as having qualified technicians for level 2 non-destructive tests compliant with ISO 9712.




On request, product conformity declarations can be provided, when the customer places the order.



UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

A brand and an Italian product with European standards and certificates